How we began

Pamela, founder and owner of Zaliwana Accessories, designs many of the textile products herself and has had a life-long passion for textiles and interior design. Her upbringing in Zambia provided the grounding for many of her inspirations. Some of her influences are from childhood living with her great grandparents in their remote village during school holidays.

All their furniture was self-carved using a lot of earthen pots and gourds. The gourds were grown by her great grandparents, dried and then prepared as decorative pieces. These were hung around the room or filled with wild flowers. The table linen and a well-presented house were important factors for them. The walls of their clay brick house were beautifully decorated with a variety of coloured clays. As a young girl, Pamela loved this eclectic mix of different materials and always reminisced about and drew inspiration from this when she accessorised her own homes.

With her extensive travel through Africa and Europe, Pamela was in awe of some of the talent and skills displayed by the different communities she came across- It’s not a wonder that she yearned to create a vibrant platform from which she could cater for a varied selection of peoples’ needs, this naturally, culminated into Zaliwana Accessories- the name which is an eclectic mix of Zambian languages!